Area Rug Cleaning

Exclusive Low Moisture Area Rug Cleaning 

Like upholstered furniture and carpets, rugs can act as filters in your home by trapping allergens, dirt, bacteria and any other unhealthy elements circulating in the air and moving from one room to another. However rugs are only beneficial for this purpose if they are kept well maintained and clean. Just like the furnace and air-conditioner filter in your home which requires regular replacement, your carpet, upholstery and area rugs should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Alba DryMaster provides top quality rug cleaning services. We pay attention to details and will restore your rug to its original beauty while at the same time removing dirt, allergens and bacteria.

Our methods are extremely effective in deep cleaning, yet gentle enough to preserve the fibers and dyes in your rug. This process leaves your rug fresh, vibrant and clean. Our deep cleaning process ensures that your rug is restored to its original brilliance leaving you with a rug that will continue to add value to your home for years to come.

Don’t risk cleaning your expensive Area Rugs with anything other than Alba DryMaster’s LOW MOISTURE Area Rug cleaning system. Unlike other cleaners, that will pick up your Area Rug and keep it several days to complete the job, our Area Rug Cleaning jobs can be done on site since there is no danger of moisture seeping through to the hard surface underneath.


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