Upholstery Cleaning

Low Moisture Engineered Upholstery Cleaning 

Furniture Cleaning can only be trusted with Alba DryMaster’s Cleaning system. We care for your furnishings and use the finest and safest cleaning solutions with the same gentle, but thorough low moisture soil extraction method.
Our method removes dust and dirt completely rather than just over-wetting the fabric and rubbing the dirt around. Alba DryMaster’s Upholstery Cleaning is done very similar to our carpet cleaning; dry Shampoo is used to break down dirt, while a vacuum sucks up the dirt in a solution. The fabric is left thoroughly clean and fresh with 0% residue. And best of all, it dries fast without soaking the fabric and foam underneath with unnecessary extra moisture. Alba DryMaster can safely clean furniture upholstered with Haitian cotton, brocades, tapestry, leather and colorfast materials.
Furniture can be very expensive to re-upholster or replace.
Alba DryMaster can restore your furnishings and save you money!

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